I am most grateful for the efficient and able manner in which Shu-Yan has handled my lease extension.

She was very clear in explaining the terms of the new lease, such as the implications of a joint tenancy and a tenancy in common, and she answered my questions promptly. Although there was a slight complication with my lease extension because the old lease did not contain my full names (‘the old names’), Shu-Yan investigated the possibility of having my full names on the new lease to avoid any future identity issues. However, as it turned out, this was not feasible as I would have needed a copy of my old passport as proof of the old names. Nevertheless, I appreciated Shu-Yan’s attention to detail and the time she spent answering my questions. I am pleased to say that the lease extension has now gone through successfully and swiftly; and I am very happy with the service I received.

Ushwin Khanna