Positive. Progressive. Professional. Five Stars [* * * * *]. A business that offers a personal service, that is very customer focused and realises who the customer is.

The initial questions asked relate to the customer’s wants and needs, then a package is put together to meet the customer’s key objectives in a friendly, professional, proactive manner. As our multiple RTM claim progressed, with a very difficult and negative freeholder’s solicitor, communications received were replied to swiftly and effectively meaning that we head no more. A company that communicates with you on first name terms and is big enough to deal with involved and prolonged matters throughout the process.

Simon Masters on many occasions communicated with us […] and understood our key dates for collating and issuing various information […] Simon’s legal knowledge on the formation and claim for a new multiple RTM company is vast, and with the many questions we have asked throughout the process, we received replies if not on the day, then within 24 hours. This has also included periods whilst Simon has been on holiday, which seems to be unheard of. A very pleasant and knowledgeable person with the customer’s best interests in mind always.

Marshalswick Farm Estate (RTM Company)