Naylor, Solicitors kept me informed of the stages and offered clarity as to what the various options were.

It was unsettling when the landlord did not progress the matter as they should have done, but Naylor, Solicitors were quick to tell me what I could do about this unpleasant situation.

They robustly fought for my rights under the legislation and took the matter to the first-tier tribunal. Had they not done so there was a risk that I could have lost my chance to extend my lease or have to start all over again after a year incurring yet more costs.

Naylor’s efforts forced the landlord to comply with their duties, even getting them to pay for any extra legal costs so that I did not lose a penny fighting the landlord!

I found them very reliable and it was clear they had my best interests at heart. I would definitely use them again.

Jeffery Richman