Simon Masters’s outstandingly diligent and painstaking work on our RTM company’s behalf resulted in our successful RTM claim this year.

We had tried once before to get RTM and, unfortunately, due to the failure of our previous managing agent not noticing that our property’s address in our Articles of Association was missing, our RTM claim was deemed invalid and our previous landlord was legally able to take back management.  This meant going right back to the beginning, paying extra attention to every minute detail in the RTM procedure and making absolutely sure that the correct formalities were followed to the letter, otherwise we knew that any trifling mistake would be seized upon by our landlord (also our ineffectual managing agent of the last 20 years) as a way of challenging our RTM Claim and keeping us in their grasp. This all took place over a period of over two years as we are a large block of 68 flats, an additional new company had to be formed, extra RTM co members had to be found as others were disillusioned by this time, and a counter claim was made against us, which happily had no substance to it.

In all this time Simon showed his good nature and patience over numerous telephone exchanges and explanations.  I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Lucinda de Jasay