Residential Leasehold Property

Our residential leasehold solicitors are experts in lease extensions, enfranchisements, right to manage and absent landlord matters.

Statutory Lease Extensions

We specialise in statutory lease extensions. You can add 90 years to your lease, increase the value of your flat and stop paying ground rent.

Voluntary Lease Extensions

Also known as informal or voluntary lease extensions, non-statutory lease extensions may prove easier than the statutory process.

Collective Enfranchisement

Collective purchase of freehold is a joint process in which a group of leaseholders compels the landlord to sell them their share of freehold.

Right to Manage

We help leaseholders exercise their right to manage without having to prove any fault on the part of the landlord.

Absent Landlord

Even in the case of an absent landlord, it may be possible to extend your lease, exercise your right to manage or buy your share of freehold.

Right of First Refusal

If your landlord is selling the freehold, you have the legal right of first refusal on the purchase of the freehold interest.