We are experts in interim, final, prohibitory, mandatory and springboard injunctions, and those in support of arbitration proceedings.

We act on behalf of individuals and businesses in relation to all manner of injunctive relief by the English courts, including the following:

  • Interim and final injunctions
  • Prohibitory and mandatory injunctions
  • Quia timet and springboard injunctions
  • Injunctions in support of arbitration proceedings.

We are experts in relation to what must be established to obtain an injunction in the context of a domestic dispute under section 37 Senior Courts Act 1981, and, in particular, the application of the American Cyanamid principles.

We can advise as to how to apply for an injunction (including specific requirements when making a ‘without notice’ application) and how an injunction may be challenged or varied.

Most of all, we can act very quickly and offer a 24/7 service. In the event that you need an urgent injunction, please contact our 24/7 advice line on 07833 241 602.