Commercial Disputes

Our commercial litigation team deals with a range of commercial disputes, such as defamation, insolvency and injunctions.


We are experts in interim, final, prohibitory, mandatory and springboard injunctions, and those in support of arbitration proceedings.

Corporate Insolvency

We advise on the tests to determine corporate insolvency, such as the cash flow test, balance sheet test and compulsory liquidation.


We are experts on defamation and privacy law, including slander and libel, and have successfully taken cases to the High Court.

Professional Negligence

We have both brought and defended professional negligence claims for clients such as solicitors, surveyors, valuers and other professionals.

Contractual Disputes

We act in relation to outsourcing disputes, IT disputes, commercial lease agreements and disputes over the supply of goods and services.

Partnership Disputes

We advise on disputes arising from a written partnership contract, or where there is none and the 1890 Partnership Act applies.

Shareholder Disputes

When boardroom and shareholder disputes arise, we can advise on the legal rights of all parties and the available remedies.

Breach of Director’s Duties

The Companies Act 2006 states that a director must fulfil seven general duties including exercising independent judgement.

Construction Disputes

We have experience with the Construction Act 1996 and the right for parties to a construction contract to defer disputes to adjudication.