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Collective Enfranchisement FAQs

Collective enfranchisement is also known as leasehold enfranchisement, freehold purchase and buying freehold. Discover more with out simple FAQs.

What is leasehold enfranchisement?

It is the process by which a group of leasehold flat owners collectively purchase the shared freehold of their building. Learn more…

Why should I buy my freehold?

There are several benefits to buying the freehold:

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What are the disadvantages of freehold purchase?

It is as important to consider the downsides as the benefits:

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How much does it cost?

The costs of buying freehold can be broken down into these stages:

  1. Your legal fees
  2. Your valuation fees
  3. Disbursements
  4. The premium
  5. Your landlord’s costs

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How long does it take to buy the freehold?

It typically takes around 9 months from the service of the notice commencing the process, but the whole enterprise will normally be about a year. For large, complex cases, where coordinating the flat owners is difficult, this could be significantly longer. Learn more…

Can I buy my freehold?

This is not guarantees because there are certain criteria you will need to fulfill if you wish to qualify for a collective enfranchisement. Learn more…

What is a participation agreement?

A participation agreement is a binding arrangement that sets out how the freehold purchase costs will be allocated. Learn more…