Right to Manage Process

The right to manage process enables you to exercise greater control over the operation of your building. We have broken this process down into eight simple stages.

  1. Establish whether you are eligible
  2. Drum up interest at a residents’ meeting
  3. Solicitor sets up a right to manage company: this must include articles of association, a prescribed memorandum and the acronym RTM in the title
  4. Section 78 Notice inviting participation from qualifying tenants
  5. Serve Section 79 Notice (AKA Claim Notice) on landlord, specifying the acquisition date (the date when the right to manage will be obtained, which should be four months after the date of the claim notice)
  6. Landlord has one month to dispute the claim and take it to the First Tier Tribunal
  7. Landlord sends out contractor notices, informing the contractors that the RTM company is taking over and offering them the chance to continue their services
  8. Landlord submits invoice to cover their reasonable costs such as legal fees