Freehold Purchase Process

Leasehold enfranchisement is a complex process which needs to be managed by solicitors and surveyors. However we have broken the whole thing down into 13 simple steps.

  1. Establish whether you are eligible
  2. Gauge interest at a residents’ meeting
  3. Appoint a valuer and obtain valuation report
  4. Solicitor helps you form participation agreement
  5. Solicitor sets up nominee purchaser company
  6. Serve Section 13 Notice (AKA Offer Notice or Claim Notice), signed by all participants, on the landlord
  7. Landlord’s valuer inspects property
  8. Landlord serves Counter Notice
  9. Surveyors commence premium negotiations
  10. If no agreement is reached within 6 months, apply to the tribunal
  11. Contracts signed and freehold transferred to purchase company
  12. If the other side doesn’t comply, apply to the county court
  13. Flat owners extend their leases to 999 years